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This week year 6, 7 and 8 attempted to break a Guinness World Record. I don’t think anybody taking part had a clue which exact record it was but I will tell you what we did. Basically we had a few pieces of paper on a clipboard. We all sat in a massive horseshoe and we had to pass it around and every person wrote 1 or 2 sentences. Soooooooo … in the end we had a massive story! Year 8’s wrote the beginning, 6’s the middle and year 7’s the end. We are not sure how it turned out but we hope the year 7’s did well!

In sport the first and second year eight rugby teams came together to form a new and improved (ish) 1st team. They went on to win 52-12 with a great team performance. The all year 7 2nd team also thrashed the opposition which, after five minutes, had to mix the teams so the game wasn’t so unbalanced. The girls won 13-2 versus Yateley Manor which shows that the girls are quite good at hockey. Overall, there were some good results this week but also some bad ones (i.e. Losses).

This week, the bloggers are “broadening our horizons” and took a trip down to Lower School. So, we interrogated the little angels (ahem) about their “Castle Day”. Things such as bread making, butter making, (and bread and butter eating) took place – and apparently some wine-drinking at a royal banquet! Wait – we’ve just been informed it was cranberry juice …

We have a few ACTUAL quotes here that honestly aren’t made up…

“I loved the banquet” –Mikey

“My favourite bit was playing on the tennis courts!” –Imogen

“I liked it when we paraded around the dining room in our costumes.” –Jenna

“The bread- making was fun!” -Lydia

The 3s, 4s and 5s also had a Dragon day, some kind of treasure hunt, where the clues were written in BusyBooks. The view? “It was weird..”

Well, that’s reassuring…

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