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School Policies

Our school is fully compliant with all the statutory requirements as set out by the DFE, OFSTED and the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe and secure environment for all our children, staff and visitors. We have a comprehensive list of up to date policies which are regularly reviewed and updated where required. Access to the main policies can be found below but others can be supplied upon request.

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Privacy Policy

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Educational Visits Policy

33a Complaints Policy

18a Recruitment Policy

17b Disability Inclusion Policy

17b Accessiblity plan

17a Equal opportunities and cultural diversity Policy

16c Emergency Response Procedure

16a Risk Assessment Policy

15a Admissions Policy

14b Missing Child Policy

14a Pupil Supervision Policy

13a First Aid Policy

12b Fire Drills

12a Fire Risk Management Policy

10a Anti-Bullying Policy

9a Behaviour Policy

7e Staff Code of Conduct

7b Whistleblowing Policy

7a Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

5a SMSC Policy

3b Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy

3b English as an Addtional Language Policy

3a Teaching and Learning Policy

2a Curriculum Policy

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12 October 2018
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