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Design Technology creates a buzz across the school!


Pupils have been hard at work in DT lessons this term.  Year 5 have been testing their PSB skills by designing and building bridges in group based collaborative projects;Year 6 have been trying their hand at soldering as they make 'Steady Hand' buzzer games and Year 7 have been soldering component parts into their circuit boards, to create colour changing LED nightlights.

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Year 8 enter the title race to raise funds for charity!


The hotly anticipated year 8 charity football match took place last week, raising a fantastic £250, which will be split across  the four year 8 charities. The theme of the match was ‘the title race’ with Manchester City playing Liverpool. The support from the fans surrounding the astro was evident, but on the day Manchester City just could not match the standard of football from Liverpool, losing 1-0.   The funds raised will go to provide food, treatment and money to children and adults in need of critical help. This magnificent event was co-ordinated by Year 8, who gave up their breaktimes to ensure it all came together and, with the support of Mr Fearn, put on a superb footballing display.

What lies beneath the school?!

Middle School children enjoyed an informative and fascinating assembly this week when Mr Hohbein, a keen geologist, came in to visit and teach them some wonderful new facts about the ‘Rocks and Soils’ topic being studied by the pupils in Year 3. The children learnt all about the Earth’s rock formation, from the dinosaur era, around 200 million years ago, to today, as well as learning exactly what lies beneath St Neot’s School! Mr Hohbein showed the children some very special rock formations and fossils, including a Sea Lily, which can still be found on the top of Mount Everest today, explaining how this is possible. Among the favourites for the children were the different fossilised shark teeth! Thank you, Mr Hohbein, for providing a wonderful experience for the children.

Year 4 pupils accept the challenge

Year 4 pupils, Daniel and Matthew, attended a maths challenge at St Gabriel’s School in Newbury this week. They had a great afternoon and enjoyed testing their knowledge to answer a series of maths questions, ranging from number sequences, which included fractions, to questions involving shape. The boys both put in great effort and worked really well as a pair to answer the questions being asked. Well done boys!

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