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Year 5 discover some ‘Titanic’ facts at Sea City Museum

On Friday year 5 were given the fantastic opportunity to visit Sea City Museum in Southampton, the city where the Titanic famously departed from. The children were given a guided tour by their superb host (who is related to the youngest person who was on board the ship), and also got the chance to ‘steer the Titanic’, as well as discovering how hard it was to shovel coal into a furnace. They then experienced a brilliant interactive workshop, where they had to debate who should be saved on the lifeboats, learnt about artefacts on board, tried their hand at Morse Code, and took part in an experiment to understand why five compartments being flooded meant that the ship would sink. The children were thoroughly engaged throughout the day, and enjoyed sharing their knowledge about Titanic and all they have learnt this term.

Year 2 go dragon hunting!

Year 2 had some exciting news this afternoon. A video arrived from the Natural History Museum showing a Dragon flying over and landing in the woods here at St Neot's!The scientists from the museum tasked year 2 with searching for any evidence of 'Dragon-ish activity'. To our amazement they found all sorts of evidence, ranging from scales to teeth. In the depths of the woodland they eventually also found an actual Dragon nest! Piecing their evidence together and cross-referencing it with the available information the children came to the conclusion that the Dragon we have nesting on site is a European dragon, who befriends children but is partial to eating up teachers! We're all looking over our shoulders down in Pre-Prep!

Year 4 Monsters

Well done to our year 4 pupils, who produced and described some amazing monsters in French. It was a project to complete their unit on ‘parts of the body’. The monsters were of such a high standard that it was very tricky to choose a winner from each class. After much deliberation Nina B won from 4T and from 4HE Matthew T won, but we are very proud of everybody for their super efforts.  Bravo tout le monde et merci beaucoup from Mme McNeill and Mme De Rosa  

Spring Week 6

The year 3 girls have had a great start to their netballing life at St Neot’s and competed in a festival at Yateley Manor last week. The girls performed amazingly as a team and although there were no winners as it was just a festival, the girls would have achieved first or second if it had been. The junior boys have had their last rugby matches of the season and finished in style, with four wins out of four. The final rugby matches for the boys in years 5-8 took place on Wednesday against LVS and Reddam. The U11 and U10A's both finished with excellent wins, following some impressive team performances. All boys will be moving to hockey after half term and will need mouth guards, shin pads and hockey sticks in school (the school does have some hockey sticks but we recommend pupils getting their own).We have been getting ready for the cricket season after the Easter break and ran an extra bowling session during first break on Tuesday, for which 40 pupils in years 3 and 4 turned up, keen to work on and improve their bowling actions. Take a look at our new multiskills classroom on Google Classroom, which has been set up for the children to try out various challenges at home. Mr Smith discussed this in assembly last week and showed the children how to join the classroom. The following steps highlight how to join:Log into Google with your school gmail accountGo to ClassroomClick the plus sign to join a new classEnter the class code c6ctqmIn addition, Olivia G (our girls’ sports captain) ably demonstrated some of the challenges the children can try. We would love to hear about the challenges that children have attempted themselves and about their progress and successes. This summer all boys and girls are going to be playing cricket in their games lessons. To aid their development we really encourage the pupils to join clubs outside school to gain even more practice time. Please follow the link to see a list of local cricket clubs that are all keen to welcome more boys and girls into their teams. Cricket Club Directory .We hope everyone has an enjoyable, sport-filled break over half term.

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