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Harry Potter Book Night


More than forty excited young witches and wizards gathered on Thursday evening to celebrate all things Harry Potter. Under the direction of Professor McGonagall they were sorted into Hogwarts houses and listened intently to a reading of the first arrival of Harry and his friends at the magical school (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone).

Separated into house groups the fun began. There were biscuit socks to decorate (for Dobby who received his freedom by means of a sock), chocolate frog cards to design (though sadly no-one knew the spells required to animate the pictures), wizarding word searches and wordplay to decipher, a Hogwarts “treasure” hunt round the potions lab (library) and corridor, quotations to identify and a house chant to compose.

Finally, after a quick snack and vivid yellow potion, Professor  McGonagall hurried the still enthusiastic pupils through an inter-house quiz about Hogwarts history, tunnels, passwords and ghosts. Unfortunately the fourth round had to be abandoned, as parents and Muggles were waiting, but the winning house was announced the next day … Hufflepuff!

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