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Autumn Week 5

We began our assembly discussing goals and challenges and how we might achieve them. The children themselves talked about dedication, determination and resilience. This nicely led on to our first award which was to Maisie for bravery in horse riding. Maisie had a nasty fall last term but has been incredibly brave and determined and has ‘got back on the horse’! Well done, Maisie.

Citizen of the Week awards stretched right across the year groups today. Harry P was nominated for his manners and social skills in breakfast club, Ben D for always being so polite and courteous around school, Mia F for her conscientious attitude and helpfulness in games, Sam B for being so supportive of his peers, Emily S for always being kind and helpful, Max E for being so considerate, Jack P for being polite and considerate, Tristen A for his generosity and Ollie R for never complaining about having to work one handed (with the wrong hand!) while he is in plaster. Angelica-May was given the only Head’s Award this week for her diligent approach to her spellings.

Class of the Week was Miss Hudson’s Year 5 English class for their enthusiasm and positive attitude towards their learning.

Saffi was awarded a trophy by Stagecoach for being the best on stage in singing, acting and dancing. Fantastic!
Challenging times for the Year 5 maths team!
Autumn Week 3

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