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Autumn Week 10

There were lots of awards to catch up on this week and it was great to see so many children acknowledged for various things around the school. Oscar B-K was a Citizen of the Week for being a thoughtful and considerate young man, Saffi and Charlie G were awarded for always being respectful and considerate of others, Ted is a supportive classmate, always happy to celebrate everyone’s success, Ollie W was recognised for being helpful and sensible in maths and finally, Lexi N and Poppy were made Citizens of the week for their positive attitude around the school. The kitchen staff also asked for all the Middle School children to be commended for their help in clearing the lunch tables.

Head’s Awards were given to Olivia R for a well-written half-term diary, Ben C for a beautifully presented book review, Iris for writing a diary on her visit to Hampton Court Palace, Matthew M for completing his first set of French questions so quickly and to such a fantastic standard, Wilson for his fantastic thank you letter and Jamie O for performing a guitar solo to his class.
Year 4 were also given a certificate for their classrooms for their enthusiasm and brilliant behaviour on Roman Day.

Hot chocolate and treats were given to three different classes today for their efforts so far this term. 6SE for their behaviour at the beginning of the school day, 3B for their great communication and collaboration skills in Outdoor Learning and Mme De Rosa’s Year 7 French class for working so hard.
Year 3 Tudor Residential
Autumn Week 10

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