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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!
Hi everyone! Had a good holiday? Goooood! We have lots to catch up on so let's get going!

The last few weeks of the spring term were like a whirlwind for us... So here's a quick catch-up on it all!

Year 8 collected 186 Easter eggs for the Trussell Trust, just beating the Advent calendar record – by 1! Well done. For Red Nose Day we all
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The rifle goes bang!

The rifle goes bang!
This week was jam packed full so this is a super duper trooper... sorry got a bit carried away, so enjoy!

Great rugby! Everyone thinking very positive and all had a great start. The 1st X1 vs St. Andrews sadly had a 0-2 loss as well as the 2nd X1 losing 1-8 but they showed great determination and tried their hardest. The COLTS unfortunately lost 1-4 but had great fun playing the match.
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Pirates, rugby and exams – what a mixture!

Pirates, rugby and exams – what a mixture!
Welcome to our blog, dear readers! Enjoy!

From Monday to Wednesday the years 5 and 6 had their first exams of this school year – they went pretty well (well, mostly). Lots of people were nervous and scared but everything went fine and there were some great marks!

To celebrate the end of the exams they all then went off to the National Theatre to watch Treasure Island. It's about a young boy who goes looking for treasure but with a gang of pirates concealed on board; the pirates try to take over and the boy is caught in a mini war (I think, for I'm not a super reliable source!).
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A once in a lifetime sing-a-long!

A once in a lifetime sing-a-long!
Hello and welcome to the Pupils' Perspective! Today we have a host of things to show you... wait ... 1... 2... ! Ok – only two things, but never mind, enjoy!

Last Thursday the whole Senior Choir – 71 St Neot's children – went in two coaches on a very exciting trip to the O2 Arena in London. It was an amazing experience with over 8,000 children there in total! We sang some great songs with many other schools. When we got there we had to practise for three hours. This was very hard as we are only used to having half an hour
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