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Year 8 Geography Field Trip

On Tuesday, Year 8 went out into the field to study rivers, aiming to check whether the theory they had learnt in class would be matched in reality. The pupils were collecting data which they will write up as an assessed piece of work, which will go towards their PSB Geography grade. This grade will provide a representation of how they have worked towards the six learning skills, as well as academic content over Years 7 and 8.The children went to three locations on the River Tillingbourne, near Dorking, to collect data on how the river changes downstream. They collaborated in groups of five, to measure the channel depth, width, velocity of the river, how fast an item was travelling on the river surface and the slope angle of the river. They all had the opportunity to use the different equipment and record their results. All the children enjoyed the experience of getting ‘hands on’ in the water. Hopefully plenty was learned but also there was lots of enjoyment!The boys had a running race in the water, whilst a couple of the girls fell over in the water, but were able to laugh at themselves. They had experienced that ‘awkward moment’, which was the theme of 6SE’s assembly on Monday. Now comes the next stage of writing up their results and evaluating the methods they used on the day. All of the children enjoyed the learning experience and had plenty of fun. A good day for everyone, pupils and staff alike.
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Main School Book Jar competition for World Book Day

This year the St Neot’s Prep World Book Day focus for Main School children was on our Book Jar Competition, fitting into the “share a story” theme of the day by asking the children to think about how a favourite or important book could be represented in a simple jar, and then to put those ideas into a jar!Far and away the most popular books to portray were Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, but the range was widespread, from Diary of a Wimpy Kid to The Silver Sword, War Horse to Alice in Wonderland, Jungle Book to Fing … and dozens more.A total of 109 fabulous jars were submitted at House meetings the day before World Book Day. The children talked about which book they had chosen and why, and it is hoped that some of them gained an idea of some new titles to try. Every jar submitted earned at least two points for the house - and many gained several bonus points for things like creativity, WOW factor, neatness and clear representation of the story. After a lot of consideration, calculation and cross-checking the House result was as follows: First place: Wellesley (84 points)2nd place: Kingsley (83 points)Joint third: Guinness and Austen (76 points)
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Year 5 discover some ‘Titanic’ facts at Sea City Museum

On Friday year 5 were given the fantastic opportunity to visit Sea City Museum in Southampton, the city where the Titanic famously departed from. The children were given a guided tour by their superb host (who is related to the youngest person who was on board the ship), and also got the chance to ‘steer the Titanic’, as well as discovering how hard it was to shovel coal into a furnace. They then experienced a brilliant interactive workshop, where they had to debate who should be saved on the lifeboats, learnt about artefacts on board, tried their hand at Morse Code, and took part in an experiment to understand why five compartments being flooded meant that the ship would sink. The children were thoroughly engaged throughout the day, and enjoyed sharing their knowledge about Titanic and all they have learnt this term.
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Year 2 go dragon hunting!

Year 2 had some exciting news this afternoon. A video arrived from the Natural History Museum showing a Dragon flying over and landing in the woods here at St Neot's!The scientists from the museum tasked year 2 with searching for any evidence of 'Dragon-ish activity'. To our amazement they found all sorts of evidence, ranging from scales to teeth. In the depths of the woodland they eventually also found an actual Dragon nest! Piecing their evidence together and cross-referencing it with the available information the children came to the conclusion that the Dragon we have nesting on site is a European dragon, who befriends children but is partial to eating up teachers! We're all looking over our shoulders down in Pre-Prep!
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