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Year 4 defences stand firm against flying beanbags!

Year 4 had an amazing time learning all about the Romans with Mike from’ Portals of the Past!’ Dressed in a range of amazing Roman costumes, they learnt all about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. They found out about what life was like during Roman times and they even formed their own version of a Roman Senate and tried to pass different laws. It turns out it was much harder to pass laws than you would think, unless you were the Roman Army! They also learnt what it was like to be a Roman Soldier and the weapons they used, before using their own fabulous homemade shields to create some of the defensive formations. They even withstood a barrage of beanbags flying through the air towards them! Finally, they learnt all about Gladiator fights. As two brave children fought in the colosseum, the rest of the year group had to decide if they would live or die after the fight!
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Twit twoo - Year 1 have a hoot at the Hawk Conservancy!

Year 1 had a wonderful time at The Hawk Conservancy in Andover. It’s true what they say, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! The children dressed in their waterproof gear and enjoyed all that was on offer. They enjoyed the flying display and had some close encounters with Elder the Barn Owl. The children also laughed hysterically when they saw the Caracara running about stealing food and clothes from a washing line. The trip was a fantastic support to Year 1’s Owl topic, and will help to enhance the classroom based learning.
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The big, red combine harvester makes a welcome return at Pre-Prep’s Harvest Festival

Today was the annual Pre-Prep Harvest Festival assembly. Children from Tuskers to Year 2 performed with such confidence and charisma for the audience. Staff and parents were treated to musical delights, the reenactment of Good Night Owl and The Enormous Turnip, as well as a recital of Year 2’s self-written acrostic poem about the delights of Harvest time. An old favourite, Big, Red Combine Harvester, also made a welcome return.

The Year 8 Charity Committee presented on the ‘Send a Cow’ charity and raised over £320, which is enough to buy a cow.
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Bringing lessons alive with Virtual Reality

Sometimes it is easier to see something than have it explained to you, and occasionally pupils just need to be taken out of a classroom environment and dropped into an immersive world; where they can explore ancient Egyptian life, fly amongst the planets of our solar system or enter and explore a cell's molecules. At St Neot's we are fortunate enough to give pupils these experiences using a newly acquired VR class kit and Google Expeditions. We are moving away from simply ‘learning’ a subject or topic to ‘feeling’ the content. This is not simply an engagement tool or a gimmick, it allows the children to explore, to experience or to be involved in something, as if they are actually present in that environment or place. Children across Main School have been marching with Roman soldiers, landing on the moon and flying around the our solar system as their lessons truly come to life.
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