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Sports Enrichment Mountain Biking Skills and Drills

Sports Enrichment Mountain Biking Skills and Drills
I was fortunate enough to spend the afternoon with Rupert Loch our resident Mountain bike expert and his Sports Enrichment Group who were having a lesson with Sarah, from Purple Bike Shed who is a professional mountain
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Year 7 and 8 pupils at St Neot’s Preparatory School lead the way!

Year 7 and 8 pupils at St Neot’s Preparatory School lead the way!

On Friday, Year 7 and 8 children at St. Neot’s School spent the day as leaders as they tackled a variety of challenges. The children had to work together, listening to each other as they strived to complete tasks as quickly and as successfully as possible. The tasks included completing an orienteering course, getting through mazes while blindfolded and travelling a designated route using different methods of movement. Year 8 teacher, Chris Parkes-Bristow was very enthusiastic about the experience: “It was a great day, lots of fun in the sunshine. At St. Neot’s, we want to give the older children the chance to act as leaders in all areas through the year but they need to understand what that means.  It isn’t just about who can shout the loudest! The children all worked hard and they seem to have got lots out of the day."

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