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Tuskers pirates find the treasure

Tuskers children were presented with a challenge this find the treasure without being eaten by sharks captured by pirates! They set off in their boat to reach the island and then followed the map to find the ‘X Mark's the spot’. The children disguised themselves as pirates and marched around the island; they were sprinkled with fairy dust, so they could fly like Tinkerbell and had to jump over the river, being careful not to wake the crocodile. Once they found ‘X Mark's the spot’ they all helped to dig up the treasure and danced at the pirate party. Their mission was complete and they were all very pleased they didn't get caught by the pirates.

Mighty Mountains

Year 3 began their next cross-curricular adventure last week - ‘Mighty Mountains’! They have been learning all about mountain ranges across the world and how dramatically the climate can change in these mountainous environments.   Imagine climbing Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world at 8850 metres … numbing cold, steep icy peaks, raging storms and howling winds...! Why would anyone risk such dangers to climb a mountain?! Our young adventurers will be finding out what motivates these mountaineers when they are faced with such potential dangers and pitfalls, as well as the preparation involved before a big expedition. In the words of Edmund Hillary, ‘You don’t have to be a fantastic hero to do certain compete...’

Rainforests and ancient cities - it’s all in a week’s work for Year 4

Year 4 have had a great start to the term! They have returned to school full of energy and exciting tales from their Easter break. We have loved hearing about them. The rehearsals for the Middle School musical are in full swing and the children cannot wait for you to see what they have been working on. We have also started work on both our history and geography topics. In history the children have learnt about the ancient city of Chichen Itza and all the landmarks you would find there. In geography our topic is Rainforests, specifically the Amazon and the children now know where in the world you would find a Rainforest. They have also learnt about the different layers of the Rainforest and what plants and animals might live there. They even came up with actions to help them remember the different levels!

Challenging times for our mathematicians!

Last week some of our top performing mathematicians in Years 6 - 8 took part in the UK’s most popular mathematics competition,  the Junior Maths Challenge, which is produced and marked by UKMT (the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust), based at the University of Leeds. The annual challenges, designed to stimulate mathematical problem solving,  are aimed at Years 7- 8 (Junior), 9 -11 (Intermediate) and 11-18 (Senior), with over 300,000 students taking part each year. The very highest achievers will be given the opportunity to compete in the Mathematical Olympiad. Feedback from those taking part ranged from “feeling confident”, to “that was really hard”! Well done to all participating pupils for taking part so willingly. We look forward to receiving the results in a few weeks.

St Neots News

20 September 2019
Tuskers children were presented with a challenge this find the treasure without being eaten by sharks captured by pirate...
12 October 2018
Sometimes it is easier to see something than have it explained to you, and occasionally pupils just need to be taken out of a clas...


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