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Gifted and Talented Pupils

''Gifted and Talented children have one or more abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group (or with the potential to develop those abilities).''

We know that giftedness is not necessarily found in attainment or a steady march through to top grades or level bands, or in exam results. Gifted and Talented pupils may well show aptitude and ability in Academics but also in Music, Art, Drama or Sport. We use multiple criteria and sources of evidence to identify gifts and talents, including the use of a broad range of quantitative data and staff feedback.

Where a child displays a natural talent or gift in a particular area of the curriculum we do our very best to cater for their needs. Scholarship classes, curriculum programmes and specialist teaching are just some of the methods we use to support pupils.

St Neots News

05 April 2019
What a "ROARsome" week it has been for the cast and crew of The Lion King! The lions have been roaring, the gazelles leaping, the ...
25 March 2019
On Tuesday the Early Years children performed a spectacular spring concert for their parents and the children in Pre-Prep. They dr...


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