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Academic Subjects

We are proud of our curriculum at St. Neot's which is centred upon opportunity and pupil experience. The development of our academic programme is part of an all-encompassing, enriching and well planned curriculum journey. We aim to adopt a cross-curricular approach to teaching with focus towards a 13+ exit point via Common Entrance or Scholarship routes. We ensure pupils are prepared for pre-testing and entrance exams.

Our academic programme is based upon the new National Curriculum guidelines but as pupils progress through the school it is underpinned by ISEB 11+ and 13+ syllabi thus ensuring pupils needs are met. We ensure that the programme builds in opportunities for trips, outdoor learning and thematic approaches.

Alongside the Arts, Music, Pastoral and Sports programmes, pupils at St. Neot's are taught the core subjects, English, Maths and Science. Geography and History are also taught throughout the school. French is introduced from Reception with Spanish being introduced from Year 3. Classics lessons form part of the Year 6- 8 timetables. Child Philosophy is offered in Years 5 and 6, and Years 7 and 8 have dedicated Study Skills lessons to support learning and revision. All of our pupils are offered the individual care and support they need to ensure they achieve entrance to their first choice of school.

"Pupils are successful in gaining entrance to their first school of choice. More than 30 scholarships in a wide variety of areas including academic, art, music and sport have been gained to senior day and boarding schools in 3 years".

ISI Inspection Report June 2010

St Neots News

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